St John’s helps you, a loved one or someone you know continue to enjoy an independent life in a professionally supported, caring environment.

Our wide range of services can be tailored to suit different lifestyles and personal preferences.

With both a Day Centre and Home Support services, St John’s fully trained and accredited team ensures that all its members receive the care and quality of service they deserve.

What is St John’s Day Centre service?

St John’s Day Centre service is a place to be among friends, meet like-minded people and be cared for through support and hospitality.

The Club at St John’s meets on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Members can come once, twice or all three times a week.

The day starts with morning coffee and biscuits or home baked cake. Members are served a delicious 2-course lunch from a changing weekly menu of traditional favourites made fresh on the premises.

In the afternoon members can take part in activities designed to keep the brain and body active or simply enjoy being in the company of others. However members like to spend their time it’s all about the individual. The day comes to an end with afternoon tea served with cake or scones.

St John’s professional team can also help with daily life. Its Home Support services can help members maintain independent living away from the Day Centre.

How to get to St John’s?

You can make your own travel arrangements or why not be collected and returned door-to-door in a warm and caring way.

The drivers of St John’s specially adapted minibuses are fully trained and insured. They understand the accessibility needs and challenges faced by passengers and will make sure your journey is safe, comfortable and pleasurable.

You are most welcome to call into the Centre to see what it’s like or contact the St John’s team on 01748 832271 to discuss your, or your loved one’s, circumstances and requirements confidentially and with understanding.